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We offer event producers the full range of consulting services, beginning with the design and implementation of a comprehensive ADA compliance plan. Our goal is to help our clients operate more effectively and inclusively so that they can deliver a caring and positive guest experience for people of all abilities, including those with mobility, auditory, visual, neurological, development, and other cognitive and physical disabilities. With our depth of resources, operational expertise, and caring team members, your guests will feel safe, welcomed, and valued, thereby generating a higher rate of visitor return.


Our services consist of:

- Assisted listening device systems (WIFI, RF, and Hearing Loop)- ASL interpretation & real-time captioning 

- Service animal verification (emotional support animal v. legal service animal)

- Digital accessibility (website, mobile app, streaming)

- Accessible viewing

- Dedicated access centers

- Responsive email for disability inquiries 

- Hospitable team members with disability experience 

- Accessible Parking

- Accessible Camping

- Accessible Restrooms

- Ingress/egress

- Perimeter transportation

- Security policies

- Event staff training and education

- Emergency planning and evacuation



Our professional team brings years of experience answering questions for our clients, assessing a venue’s current accessibility plan  and providing a variety of resources to implement what we recommend. Whether we’re enhancing a venue’s current ADA compliance strategy or creating a new accessibility plan, Accessibility Live takes pride in the ability to develop customizable solutions for your venue regardless if it is a temporary structure or a brick-and-mortar venue, theater, arena, or stadium.


For entities that do not require an on-site presence, we provide expert protocols and policies to ensure that a client is using best practices for accessibility and inclusion. After an initial assessment, we will create a master accessibility plan to meet each client’s individual needs. With our supplemental inclusion training, a client can assert itself as a leader in the national community and an ally working towards positive change in the lives of people with disabilities. We can also supplement current operational plans with a focus on safe procedures for working with people with disabilities in light of COVID-19. Additionally, we can provide ongoing support and resources after deliverables are fulfilled; this will be handled as an on-call basis for unique situations.


In the last four years, the fastest growing segment of ADA litigation in the US involved digital accessibility. In 2016, there were 262 digital accessibility lawsuits. In 2020, the number of lawsuits pertaining to digital accessibility increased to 3,550. We pride ourselves in our ability to develop proactive solutions for these issues and advise clients on how to create accessible websites, apps, and other forms of digital media that are WCAG 2.1 AA compliant. We also learned from the limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and transformed digital events to include live captioning, ASL interpretation, website overlays, website engineering, captions for pictures, and more. We look forward to adapting to the virtual world with you and curating your next digital event to be easily accessible and inclusive for all.


Accessibility issues at an event can often be traced back to the lack of inclusion training for staff and volunteers. An integral component of event accessibility is understanding and upholding the proper etiquette for interacting with people with disabilities. Disability etiquette not only shows respect, but also creates an environment of inclusion. Accessibility Live is passionate and knowledgeable about providing information, tips, and strategies for interacting with all people in a respectful, caring manner. Your team will learn basic information about Mobility Issues, Deaf/Hard of Hearing Individuals, Blindness/Visual Impairment, Sensory-Processing Issues, Autism, Developmental Disabilities, and Hidden Disabilities. Whether live in-person or online, we are dedicated to implementing quality training for all departments involved in an event, businesses, organizations, and first responders.


Providing accommodations for guests with auditory disabilities can present unique operational challenges. Accessibility Live is proud to work with many of the most talented American Sign Language interpreters in the country and continues to foster those ongoing partnerships. From operational planning to implementation of the performances on-stage, we handle all the logistics in between. This includes collecting American Sign Language interpretation requests and maintaining active communication with both the guests and interpreters. Furthermore, we are able to provide Real Time Captioning services.



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